5.   EARS

5.a.  Loss of Hearing & Stroke 01423J…India

A 76 year-old lady had brain stroke a year ago. As a consequence she lost her hearing in the right ear and heard a constant bothersome buzzing sound in the left ear. The allopathic ENT specialist said that an imbalance had been created and not much could be done about it. The practitioner gave her the following combo:

CC5.2 Deafness + CC5.3 Meniere’s disease + CC18.4 Paralysis…TDS

After taking the combo for two weeks, she started to have faint hearing in the right ear. After two months, she reported that she could hear again perfectly in this ear. The buzzing sound in the left ear had also stopped. She is continuing to take the same combo…BD.

For those practitioners using the Sai Ram Potentiser, the following could have been given: NM51 Earache + NM77 Ear Nerve + OM10 Ear + BR19 Ear + SM19 Ears + SR375 Chinin Sulph (30C) +SR380 Colchicum + SR415 Terebin (30C) + SR471 CN8: Auditory + SR490 Eustachian Tube.

5.b.  Severe Earache with High Fever 1150…Croatia

A small boy aged 5 was brought to the practitioner with a high fever of 40C, severe earache, sore throat, and headache. He had been given by his doctor two courses of antibiotics but there had been no change in his condition. His doctor ordered a blood test which revealed he had less than 200 white blood cells. His doctor was very concerned but afraid to give any more allopathic medicines. So, he suggested a homeopathy remedy called Belladonna! Our practitioner gave the following:

#1. NM86 Immunity + OM1 Blood…TDS; #2. NM113 Inflammation…TDS

#3. NM114 Elimination…OD.

Within a day, his temperature had dropped and in a week, it was normal with the child eating, sleeping, and feeling better. A week later, his doctor checked his blood again and this time it was normal. #2 and #3 were continued with the addition of NM49 Chest Tonic…TDS to help complete his recovery.

From 108CC Box: CC9.4 Children’s diseases should do the same job.

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